Our mission through the Fallen Heroes Initiative is to support widowed first responder and veteran families financially and relationally through merchandising, education, and community engagement.



To glorify Christ and exemplify the healing he can bring to first responder communities and disseminate this to those in need..



Integrity, Humility, Faith, Compassion, Resilience, Respect


Our intended beneficiaries:

The Fallen Heroes Initiative will support widowed first responder and veteran families in Virginia, in a way that ministers and supports the needs of these families as they navigate their losses.


How We Raise Money to Support this Initiative:

We are developing a complete line of apparel and accessories that honors America’s First Responders and Military Veterans.  Proceeds from the sale of these products will be distributed through an application process to those in need.  Below are a couple examples of how we envision the product looking, and will continue to expand the line.


 Our Mission

To establish a location (a Tiny House Community) that Veterans can call home while regaining their footing. While with us, we provide transportation to and from the Veterans Hospital so that veterans can obtain the necessary care.

Our personnel will assist the Veterans in reaching a point where they can support themselves independently. After they leave our community, we will assist with all Veteran benefits (such as financial and medical VA benefits), job placement, and assisted home placement.





Our Services:


Housing: Establishing a neighborhood where Veterans can reside while receiving the support and care they require.


Medical: Transportation to and from the closest Veterans hospital is provided as part of medical treatment. A VA hospital will be 50 miles or less from every community.


Counseling: We’ll work with the Veterans Hospital to arrange for counseling sessions to be held there, and we’ll transport veterans there for appointments.


Job Placement: Working with nearby companies to place our veterans in the best positions.


Community: The complex we intend to construct will give veterans a sense of community while holding them responsible for helping to maintain their residences and the property.


Benefits from the VA: We will assist Veterans in obtaining the benefits they are entitled to from the VA.