A Veteran

When you hear the term “veteran” most people immediately think of those who have served in the military. While that is true, the word veteran also resonates with those who have served our Nation as law enforcement officers, fire and rescue, as well as EMT professionals.

Often referred to as America’s 911 Force, collectively, these heroes ensure our country is safeguarded both here at home and around the globe.

So it is at this crossroads of national obligation and social welfare that a new understanding of wellness must take root.

Vets on Track Foundation

Vets on Track Foundation (VoTF) was born in early 2014 out of necessity – a need to provide direct support to our veterans, first responders and their families. In the summer of 2016, our mission changed from a “connecting to resources” mission to directly supporting the “homeless” mission.

The Vets on Track Foundation is a state and federally certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our Federal ID number is: EIN: 46-3805203. We advocate on behalf of all military veterans, first responders and their families, through our proactive outreach efforts.

We are driven to increasing public awareness about homelessness, while providing education to our veterans and first responders regarding real issues affecting their lives.

Our Mission

To ensure that every veteran and first responder transitioning into permanent housing from living on the streets has the necessary furniture and household accessories to transform their new house into a “home.”


To establish a VoTF “Distribution and Resource Center” in the Richmond area that will serve veterans, first responders and their families throughout Virginia. Long-term, we will establish Fresh Start Programs in multiple cities across the country and develop a nationally focused donation network of household goods that can be used to support those in need – no matter where they have their new “home.”