When you hear the term “veteran” most people immediately think of those who have served in the military. While that is true, the word veteran also identifies those who have served our Nation as law enforcement officers and fire and rescue professionals. Collectively, these groups of heroes ensure our country is safeguarded both here and abroad. There is a true sense of comradery when you put military veterans and first responders in the same room…together they become America’s 911 Force!

While military personnel are the backbone of our national security, and work to keep our borders safe, first responders are the backbone of our communities. Without hesitation, America’s 911 Force answers the call to serve…especially in times of crisis.
The Armed Forces Motorsports (AFM) program is the preeminent professional motorsports program…honoring and supporting all branches of the military and this Nation’s first responders…underscoring the AFM tagline:

“One FOrce. One Team.”

Our program offers a platform to educate our neighbors on homelessness as well as suicide prevention. Throughout the race season we provide tickets to veterans, first responders and their families so they can enjoy watching “their team” perform on the track. Additionally, we present opportunities for veterans to join the race team pit crew – even if it is just for the weekend race.

On and off the track, AFM’s commitment is to those who have and continue to serve this Nation in uniform…whether it is the uniform of the U.S. Military or that of our first responders. Through our motorsports program, we foster a patriotic spirit, preserve the traditions of those we serve and educate the American people about the critical needs of America’s 911 Force. AFM promotes camaraderie and helps restore the sense of “team” that veterans lose when leaving the military service. We provide an entertainment venue for our veterans and first responders and give them something they can rally around. Our race program raises awareness about key issues like homelessness and suicide prevention.

The Program

AFM is breaking down all the barriers within the racing industry by working to expand its presence in ALL forms of motorsports racing. From the National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) Legend Series, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), to Motocross and eventually boat racing, AFM wants to reach veterans and first responders all across the country…no matter where they live.

At a time of uncertainty in our country…a time when benefits and privileges for veterans and first responders are in jeopardy, AFM is there to help boost morale, by offering a program they can rally around, all across the country – a program they can call their own. Overall, the AFM racing program provides an important escape for America’s 911 Force and their families.

The platform on which the AFM program is built serves as an invaluable marketing tool that can help disseminate vital information to veterans, first responders and their families. Moreover, AFM can help reunite communities with America’s 911 Force through its Motorsports Outreach and Show Car Program.


AFM provides an entertainment escape through racing, as well as a collaborated grass-roots motorsports themed marketing platform for its sponsors and partners. The overall objective of the AFM program is to create a racing program that spans multiple venues, reaching veterans and first responders no matter what type of racing they watch. AFM offers sponsors and partners a marketing opportunity never before seen in motorsports – a platform that crosses every boundary of racing…and can have a direct impact on the lives of those that serve so many.

Armed Forces Motorsport – Our Team…Our Driver:

We are working to build a brand that will make its way onto racetracks and arenas all across the country! We are developing this program with Devin George, a 19-year-old who currently races in the NASCAR Legend Series. Devin is a young man of faith and is excited to race on behalf of something much bigger than himself – our veterans, first responders and their families. We plan to develop Devin into a world class driver and contender for NASCAR championships. Additionally, we will develop other race programs in different arenas of the motorsport’s world. Devin is committed to using his individual (AFM co-branded) program to help increase awareness about America’s 911 Force…their service and the issues they face today.

We also use our extended race family in our Show Car Program – providing companies and organizations a way to expand their marketing reach…coast-to-coast…without having the expense of their personal race program. We currently have five race teams that compete under the Armed Forces Motorsports umbrella, and the number of teams can change daily.



“A tie to motorsports is a unique element in rounding out a solid marketing plan….and you don’t need the expense of a personal race team to make it successful!”

AFM’s Show Car Program

Armed Forces Motorsports is a fully integrated motorsports program. We use the popularity of motorsport racing, through our Show Car Program, to drive awareness in support of our veterans, first responders and their families, and brand awareness for our corporate partners.
The Armed Forces Motorsports program offers partners an opportunity to reach a targeted audience at the grass-roots level. From military base tours to air shows, to large community events, the Show Car Program allows your company the ability to leave a powerful impression on the minds of your customers with an up-close, exciting, and personal experience.