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ATTENTION Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) DONORS:

To select the Vets on Track Foundation as your charity for this year’s CFC Giving Campaign, please type in our CFC Number: 86153 and select ALL Zones.

Please Note: Our Charity AFR is listed at 63.7%. The number is high because expenses to run our “Beyond the Streets” program is calculated into the overall percentage – this includes insurance, storage fees, gas and maintenance for the trucks, and some labor cost. There are NO actual expenses other than what’s listed here for our “Beyond the Streets” program.

One Team. One Mission. 

“To Turn Houses into Homes, and Inspire

Hope, Healing and Purpose”

Our mission (goal) is to end veteran homelessness and significantly reduce the number of suicides by helping re-build self-worth, self-dignity, pride, and purpose.  These are all traits needed to make a successful transition from homelessness and return as a valued member of society. The Vets on Track Foundation ensures that each veteran exiting homelessness has the necessary resources to make a smooth transition.  From temporary to permanent housing, household furnishings and follow-on care, we eliminate a huge financial burden and truly give our unsung heroes a hand-up in restarting their lives.


I learned about this company many years ago and absolutely love what they stand for and what they do for our veterans that are in need. I recently had the opportunity to finally donate large items to help with furnishing homes, and the process was very easy. I sent an email with descriptions of what I had to offer they were able to come out with in a few days and picked everything up. The process of donating was very easy.
Highly recommend this company to donate to as they are helping change lives! amskailua

As a partner with Vets on Track, we have always found them to be responsive, grateful, and very appreciative of any and all donations. This team takes great pride in being able to provide any and all assistance available to our valued vets! They are such a pleasure to work with. It is very obvious that they truly enjoy what they are doing every day!

The Vets on Track deserve a huge shout out for what they are doing to provide our vets with an opportunity to have a furnished home to call their own! cstrangermd4

This resource has been a tremendous help to our office and assisting homeless Veterans entering housing. It truly helps change the lives of those who are entering housing with just the clothes on their backs. Thank you for all you do! snicoleb11

In my previous job, I was in charge of community service for court-ordered kids. I was always looking for opportunities for them that would widen their scope of community knowledge and help create a love of service in them. Vets on Track always embraced the kids, instead of judging them, and I will always be thankful for that. The people involved with Vets on Track are good people and do good work, going above and beyond to help those in need. Lokinva

Always willing and ready to help. I have used this company on several occasions, and it really made a difference in the people who we helped lives. marcusmontrell

My clients have had the best experience. For the client they not only receive furniture but service from an organization that cares. The team shows up at the Veterans home with a smile and more. The job is not easy serving others, but this organization serve from the heart. I am so excited that our paths have crossed. davisfam

We often times take for granted the simpler pleasures of our life, and it is only when we are reminded of how blessed we are can we truly appreciate our current situation in life. It was our fourth delivery of the day when we arrived at a small townhouse in Richmond, Virginia. The Veteran we were supporting had two small children, and when we walked into their home, we quickly realized how little the family had. The only visible possessions the family owned was a single queen-sized mattress and handful of toys the children had collected over the past few years.

It’s always a joy to see the faces of the families we serve when we begin to bring in the donated furniture that will turn their modest houses into loving homes. To this family, we delivered couches, dressers, lamps, and a dining room table that the family could now use to eat their meals on instead of on the floor. The highlight of the trip occurred when we brought in pillows to decorate their living room. The eldest, a small boy aged 7, was so excited that he scooped up a pillow, ran bare footed outside, and began to show the pillow to his friends with excitement in his voice.

We often times think that once a veteran gets a house, they are all set to continue their path down life. However, we forget the cost associated with outfitting that home, and the mental and emotional taxation that occurs when a home is empty. An empty home is often a reflection of their current emotion state: fragile, empty, and alone.

The work the vets on track foundation does is more than delivering furniture, it shows veterans that they have worth more than the four corners of their house. It helps to build their confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. lscarpenter15

Rick Ecker and his team are incredible!!!! Over the past several years, I have witnessed Vets on Track Foundation make houses, HOMES!!! olisha88

Vets on Track Foundation team and CEO are amazing! They have helped the veterans of the VBCDC SSVF program numerous times to make their new housing a home by providing furniture. We are ever so thankful and grateful for their partnership and collaboration. The veterans we serve are overjoyed to have such care and support:) Thank you Vet’s on Track Foundation for helping the homeless veterans in the Hampton Roads area have a place to call home! anw81

This organization is my go-to every single time my clients have items to donate that will support the veterans. They are always responsive and dependable. They go out of their way to make it a win-win experience for everyone. And when we need junk removal services, same thing. We are so pleased to be in partnership with these heroes helping other heroes who have giving their time and service to our country. We all feel good that at the end of the day, everyone has done a good deed and we are helping some people prep their homes for sale while also helping to furnish the homes of our veterans. I can’t say enough good things about Rick and his team! DawnCurryHomesREALTOR