Outreach Partners

Vets on Track Foundation is constantly looking for new partnerships. 
If you are a Non-Profit and would like to be a part of the team, please contact us at info@vettrack.org.

Midwest Military Outreach

The transition home to civilian life is often challenging for Service Members, Veterans, and their families. These challenges can include; strained family relationships, health concerns, education/employment challenges and financial concerns. There are often unmet and unanticipated needs in critical life areas.

We connect Service Members, Veterans and their families to the resources they need. MMO provides support in the critical life areas of; family, employment, education, financial education and health. Our mission is to empower and retain the talent of our Service Members, Veterans and their families as they transition to productive civilian life.

Vet Hunters

Vet Hunters is a grass roots 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness for all military veterans/families and individual Americans that they meet.
The movement that was started by one soldier who vowed to honor his fallen comrades, by serving the living and leaving no veteran behind. Search and rescue missions in the streets of America were initiated and “Vet Hunting” was born. During V.H.P’s first year of inception, hundreds of veterans have been assisted all over the U.S….the development of effective outreach and what we call “vetworking,”will continue to increase in intensity until the homeless epidemic is diminished and ultimately ended. The words homeless and veterans should never go together!

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation (ORHF) is a charitable 501(c)3 Veteran-led organization headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to provide quality housing and supportive services to America’s Homeless Veterans. There are approximately 62,000 Veterans living in transitional shelters or on the streets. These Veterans served our great country and preserved our freedom. ORHF and its 50+ member volunteer team are determined to help these men and women secure homes for themselves and their family members.

ORHF works with the Department of Veterans Affairs and fully supports their goal of ending Veteran homelessness by 2015.General Shinseki stated “Our Homeless Veterans are counting on us to bring urgency to this fight.”

Operation Interdependence

Operation Interdependence is a nationwide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a means for community members to support troops serving on the frontlines, military families and veterans. Our long term goal is to ensure that every Solider, Sailor, Airman and Marine is served by OI® from the time they don the uniform to the day they are honorably laid to rest. OI has donated more than 1,005,070 pounds (503 tons) of goods t o military families and veteran organizations since its inception in 2001.

Operation: Care and Comfort

Founded in 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Operation: Care and Comfort’s 100% all volunteer organization supports the military, veterans and their families through three distinct programs- OCC Care Packages, OCC Tickets for Troops, and OCC Adopt a Military Family. OCC and its volunteers have received numerous awards for their effort, including the Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Civilian Humanitarian Award from the Pentagon (2007) and the National Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces Award (2009.) For more information on this worthy, all volunteer organization, please visit www.occ-usa.org.

R4 Alliance

R4 Alliance maximizes potential for Our Military Family through member driven Standards of Excellence, Research, Education/Training, Economic Viability and development of a Continuum of Care improving Recreation and Rehabilitation to achieve Reintegration.

R4 Vision:  Maximize the Potential of Our Military Family


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