The 2024 Vets on Track Blue Ridge Marathon “Fun”draiser


On behalf of the Vets on Track Foundation (VoTF), a Virginia based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, a team of four individuals will be running the 2024 Blue Ridge Marathon on Saturday, April 20th, in honor of fallen first responders and veterans across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This marathon is considered the “toughest road marathon in America”, including a net elevation change of 7,430 ft. across 26.2 miles, and numerous other physically intensive factors that aren’t for the faint of heart.

The Vets on Track Foundation, through its Fallen Heroes Initiative (FHI) program, supports widowed first responder and veteran families financially and relationally through merchandising, education, and community engagement.

With your support, the Fallen Heroes Initiative program is able to support widowed first responder and veteran families in Virginia, in a way that ministers and champions the needs of these families as they navigate their losses.

Our ultimate goal is to raise $2,620 by race day (Saturday, April 20, 2024) for the 26.2 miles our team will be running. No matter how large or small the gift, your donation makes a difference and provides military veterans and first responders with connection and healing.

If you are able, please consider our cause through the link below:


For more details on the Blue Ridge Marathon itself, please see the link below:

Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you.