Who we are...!

The Vets on Track Foundation is a Virginia-based, federally registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization founded by Rick Ecker, a retired U.S. Marine, and his family, all of whom share a passion for helping our veterans.  A short afternoon lunch meeting at the Pentagon with a friend who worked for a homeless agency, set the course for what the Vets on Track Foundation has become today.

Our Federal ID number is:  EIN: 46-3805203.

As an organization, the Vets on Track Foundation works diligently at the grass-roots level with organizations that work to place homeless veterans and first responders into permanent housing.  Through our “Fresh Start Program” the VOTF goes into the home of a newly placed veteran or first responder and provides the necessary furniture and accessories to transform their new house into a “home.” 

Many organizations are doing great work in getting these heroes off the streets, but particular attention must be made once the housing is secured.  Veterans and first responders are being placed into permanent housing without the basic comforts of home, like a bed or a sofa.  If someone has to come home day after day to an empty house, it ultimately affects their moral, self-esteem and translates into a lack of motivation to get their lives back on track. 

For years to come, America’s 911 Force and their families will continue to face unique challenges, but at the same time, with a “hand-up” these public servants will have great potential to continue contributing to their community and country.  As a Nation it is important that we all do our part to understand their perspective and offer a helping hand when and where we can!