​Our Ambassador volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without the support of individuals from our local communities, we could not provide the support needed to get our military and first responders back on their feet. We need your support! VoTF Ambassadors help promote the Foundation’s mission and values; assist with generating new donors; support the Foundations community outreach events; work in our warehouse; drive our trucks;
help pickup donations; and when needed, serve as a first line connection between the Foundation and those in need. VoTF Ambassadors have a connection with people, and that’s why they are vital to the overall success of the Foundation.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send a note to: info@vettrack.org.

Drivers & Crew

We need folks who can drive our 16ft box trucks and become team leads for our donation pickups and deliveries. We are also in need of crew members – at least two additional members per truck – outside the team lead (driver). Ideally, we would like to build three of four (3-person crews) so that the share of runs can be divided during the month – keeping volunteer time per team at a minimum. For deliveries (home furnishings), we would send the 3-member truck team, plus a chase vehicle – so there is room for many volunteers.


We are in constant need of warehouse support. We are looking for volunteers who can help keep:

  • the warehouse organized;
  • pull items and pre-stage when we are preparing to furnish a home;
  • help load the trucks for the deliveries;
  • receive, log and organize donations when our trucks unload at the warehouse.


Helping the Founder keep up with QuickBooks, State and Federal filings, General Correspondence, etc. This is a great way to become a part of an organization that works hard to change lives.

Current Volunteer Ambassadors: 

Brittany Nichelson Josie Ramos Dancy Felt Quintin Davis
Shane Sexton Kyle Culleton John Felt Michael Bolinger
Robert Malpica Les Gabriel Syd Ally Lamar Grigsby
Tammy Burgess Ileana Marques Chris Mount Catherine Kerns
Gretchen Fidler Anthony Surles Dontey Branch Paul Valencih
LaVon Washington          Andrew Lockowski          Stanton Maack David Farmer
Kelcey Earnest Jason Earnest John Petrilla Steve Warren
Samuel Sherman Thomas Singleton Sara Petrilla Mario Hamilton
Brazel McKinney Brenda McKinney Michelle Burris          Hailey Shupe-Dollar