At New Beginnings Junk Removal, we offer free estimates and transparent pricing. We offer single item pick-up, up to a full trailer. Pricing is based on how much you need for us to haul away.

Pricing Notes

We move household items both big and small, but the price varies depending on the size. Because load sizes vary, we offer a few different price points to accommodate items of all kinds.

The guaranteed price we provide includes labor and any fees related to travel, transport, and disposal or recycling.

When we take items to be donated on your behalf, we send you a tax-deductible receipt to credit you for your donation.


Truck Load Cubic Yards Average Price
Minimum 1 Cubic Yards (27 cubic feet) $149
1/4 3 Cubic Yards $229
1/2 6 Cubic Yards $329
3/4 9 Cubic Yards $439
Full Load 12 Cubic Yards (16′ box truck)


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