Transitioning from homelessness into permanent housing is a major step forward. Housing is very limited for those transitioning from the streets, and the majority of those making the transition from homelessness have nothing more than what they can carry into their new house and follow-up care can be a challenge for some.

Our long-term mission is to establish a Tiny House Community that Veterans can call home while regaining their footing. While with us, we provide transportation to and from the Veterans Hospital so that veterans can obtain the necessary care.

Our personnel will assist the Veterans in reaching a point where they can support themselves independently. After they leave our community, we will assist with all Veteran benefits (such as financial and medical VA benefits), job placement, and assisted home placement.

In December of 2022, HUD calculated that 582,462 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States and its territories. That number represented an increase of nearly 2,000 individuals over the last complete accounting of 2020 – yet remained steady at .18 percent of the nation’s population.  Tonight, those individuals will sleep in alleys, abandoned buildings, and under bridges because they have no home. Many of these individuals are this nation’s forgotten heroes – the men and women who once proudly served in a military uniform…yet today they are finding themselves experiencing the ravages of homelessness.

Today, approximately seven percent of unhoused Americans are veterans, which is unacceptable but commensurate with their share of the population at large. For 2022, in Virginia alone, the veteran homeless count exceeded 350, and in 2019 the overall homeless population was at 6.8%.  At the end 2022, that number grew to more than 12%!

Without the necessary resources like adequate transitional housing, affordable permanent housing, and follow on care – these heroes will be placed into empty houses, have no follow-on care and support, which ultimately leads them back to the streets before they had a chance to heal.