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The All Veteran Group to partner and support Armed Forces Motorsports Foundation!

Feb 07, 2014

Armed Forces Motorsports Foundation (AFMF) has ventured out to a new sector of partnership; one that focuses on therapy in the air. "The All Veteran Group (AVG) has agreed to support our Foundation in the hopes of helping thousands of veterans and their families, not only through parachuting, but through our Welcome Home Summit as well,” said Brittany Ecker, Co-Founder of Armed Forces Motorsports Foundation.

"The Welcome Home Summit” is the nationally focused veteran outreach program of the Armed Forces Motorsports Foundation. "Additionally, to add value and depth to the program, AFMF has partnered with several non-profit organizations and companies that support our veterans and their families on different fronts…delivering solutions directly to those in need,” said Ecker.
"This team is exactly what AFMF was looking for. A company that is interactive with our veterans, both physically and emotionally,” Ecker stated. "The All Veteran Group is a unique group of skilled and experienced parachutists,” said Mike Elliott, Founder and President of AVG. The team’s ideology is patriotism, creativity, initiative, professionalism and excellence. "AVG is comprised of dedicated individuals of both; active and retired military. In addition to supporting our clients and sponsors, our team provides Therapy in the Air in support of Combat Injured Troops,” Elliott added.
"Our main goal is to provide precision parachute demonstrations in support of veterans' related interests; to showcase skill-sets acquired through military service to prospective civilian employers of military veterans and to provide a high-visibility public outreach capability on behalf of veterans' support organizations and corporate sponsors,” said Elliott.
"The team has jumped both here in the states as well as abroad, at Military Installation Bases, The Pentagon, The Kennedy Space Center, on Aircraft Carriers, on Marine Personnel Carriers, at NASCAR events, MLB games, NFL games, College Football Games, and Airshows; not to mention a backyard for a VIP reception,” said Elliott.
Some might say a partnership between our two companies is slightly unusual, but driving a race car around a track at 200 miles per hour gives you a sense of freedom as that of skydiving. Through AFMF’s Welcome Home Summits, our Race Teams and The All Veteran Group, we can help address the varied needs of our veterans and their families,” said Brittany. "AFM works to bring awareness and valuable resources directly to the veteran community,” said Ecker. "Through our Racing and Outreach Program, we help educate the American people on issues affecting our veterans, and provide active duty servicemembers assistance in transitioning back into their civilian communities,” she added.
Brittany started AFM with her dad, Rick Ecker, a retired Marine with more than 22-years of service. "We are building a program never before seen in the racing industry,” said Brittany. "We are building a racing program that spans all motorsports...a program for veterans - by veterans,” she added. Visit for more information.


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