Key Staff

Rick Profile 2.jpgRick Ecker - Founder, CEO

During the course of serving more than 38 years in public service, Rick has been fortunate to have worked at all levels within the Department of Defense, serving in positions where he was able to learn, advice, and help bring attention to problems which surround our veteran community. 

Spending more than 22 years as a United States Marine, he focused a majority of his career in Public Affairs / Community and Media Relations, working not only with the Marines, but veterans from all branches of the service.

Right after retirement from the Marine Corps, he worked as the Executive Director of the United States Marines Youth Foundation, a nationally based, military focused, youth fitness foundation.  He later worked as a government contractor, managing a Air Force Public Affairs contract supporting Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, as well as the Public Affairs Office at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Rick retired as Director of Community Outreach, for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for more than 13-years.  Rick has continually been at the forefront of veteran issues. From a national level, he was able to learn; and many times offer support to an array of organizations focused on veteran issues. From fighting homelessness to keeping a veteran in his home, he was able to experience first-hand “the need” that our veterans face today.

Throughout his career, Rick has always had a concern and a big heart for our veterans, our first responders and their families; and looked for ways where he could give back…Today, the Vets on Track Foundation gives him that opportunity. He created the Foundation with his family to help address critical needs, and give our veterans and first responders the support they need!

Together with his wife Lesley, and daughters Brittany and Rileigh, they are helping to honor and support our servicemen and women and first responders. Together, they look to build the Vets on Track Foundation into a nationally focused organization that develops “real” solutions for “real” issues surrounding our veterans, first responders and their families.


Brad Locke - Director of Warehouse Operations



Picture1.jpgKarla Alsop - Director of Corporate Giving and Fundraising

Born and raised in Montana where my father, who is a veteran and also a Policeman, I gained a sense of duty to our country and communities. Now that I am married to a veteran and first responder this mission means even more to me. I also have a passion for creating and designing new furniture and home decor. It is my honor to combine this passion with the Vets On Track Foundation to serve our veterans and 1st responders in need by creating welcoming spaces that truly make a house a home!