Ambassador Program

“Giving Back So Others May Prosper” 

In today’s virtual landscape, brands like Vets on Track Foundation (VOTF) face a new set of challenges. Potential donors are looking for authoritative voices to guide them through their giving experience, but they don’t know who to trust. The Vets on Track Foundation fully understands the need to have people behind an organization that believe in its mission, and are willing to stand up and speak on behalf of the Foundations. And while VOTF wants to maximize its marketing and branding potential, the reality is - limited budgets make it difficult to expand its reach.

It’s no secret that organizations today are more guarded about what their brands say about themselves, and constantly worry how the general public perceives the organization’s value within the community. “Is the Foundation in fact making a direct impact on the individuals they are commissioned to serve?” 

It’s a fact, those recommendations from people who know the VOTF brand, and know the people behind the brand hold four times as much weight as the advertisements or published press releases promoting the Foundation. With that being said, it is essential to develop a strong reputation around the Vets on Track Foundation…and our Ambassador Program is the key.

People make their decision to support an organization, whether financially or through volunteering, based on high recommendations from their peers. No matter how hard an organization try’s, not everyone is going to be a number one fan. VOTF Ambassadors can help boost branding and mission understanding, and through an extreme passion to support the needs of veterans and first responders, VOTF Ambassadors can change the outlook of potential donors, while also having a direct impact on lives the Foundation is pledged to support.


The mission of the VOTF Ambassador Program is to create a pool of dedicated individuals who can assist the foundation in accomplishing its outreach mission. VOTF Ambassadors are an extension of the Foundation’s mission and values, and through the normal course of their lives, Ambassadors can create positive experiences for themselves and for those served. By volunteering their time to serve as a team member of the Vets on Track Foundation, Ambassadors can have a direct impact on the lives of veterans and first responders all across the country.

VOTF Ambassadors help promote the Foundation’s missions and values; assist with generating new donors; support the Foundations community outreach events; and when needed, serve as a first line connection between the Foundation and those in need. VOTF Ambassadors have a connection with people, and that’s why they are vital to the overall success of the Foundation.


Our vision is to build an ambassador program that can have a direct impact on the overall success of the Foundation. The Foundation is not looking for volunteers – the Foundation needs team members…people who care and want to make a difference.

Why volunteer to be a VOTF Ambassador?

It’s understood the demands that people have on their time. Many of the people associated with VOTF sit on various boards for different companies, have very demanding jobs, and are asked to attend meetings and other gatherings. Some people just simply live a very busy life!

As a VOTF Ambassador, you are not being asked to sit on a board, or do anything outside of your normal routine. All that’s asked from VOTF Ambassadors is to understand the mission, have a passion for helping veterans and first responders, and be willing to share information about VOTF to others through everyday social interaction, individual social media sites, verbally during casual conversations or any other method deemed appropriate…and on occasion join VOTF at one of its outreach events to lend a helping hand, promote the program and show support to our veterans and first responders.

VOTF Ambassadors are the voice of the Foundation. Ambassadors help educate the American people about our veterans and first responders, and about the positive impacts they can have on their communities. VOTF Ambassadors need to make this commitment a part of their everyday life!

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Current Ambassadors

Rob Ford

Stephen Cooke

Bill Smith

Sheryle Linehan

John Fage

Steven Tomaszewski

Earl Hayes